15 Mar 2011

March Big Picture

Summer canape Absolut vodka, orange cured swordfish, pickled chilli cucumber on Chinese spoons

7 Mar 2011

Unique Venue: Kew Bridge Steam Museum

I have a soft spot for this hard, uber urban venue. It isn't a very well known venue yet Bovingdons have been called upon to cater for a fair few private dinners and receptions. The venue can seat  up to 120 or 200 for a standing reception. Dining beneath the dramatic Victorian pistons and industrial age architecture is a unique experience and has attracted some of our most interesting clients, such as a company looking for a venue to launch their vintage themed brand and a couple wanting a Steampunk themed wedding. It is a London venue that helps you turn back time.
Key Bridge Steam Museum: http://www.kbsm.org/
Photo courtesy of Marc Wyndham.

3 Mar 2011

Menu Inspiration: Katherine and William, 29th April 2011

What will Katherine Middleton and Prince William be eating on their wedding day?

Here is what I would suggest serving if I was catering:

The style of the food will be secondary to phenomenal service - an essential to create a relaxed, loving feeling amongst the groom’s Royal family and the bride’s less than regal guests. The style will emphasise love and affection over pomp and circumstance. Think traditional bite size canapes (no shots, spoons or skewers) followed by a light Spring menu.

Little minted pea tarts with sour cream and pea shoots
Herb blinis of smoked trout with gooseberry salsa
Cucumber cups of lemon tarragon chicken

Home cured Scottish salmon with fennel Carpaccio

Welsh new season cannon of lamb, new season Jersey Royals and baby vegetables

British rhubarb trio
Rhubarb crumble, rhubarb braised with orange and rhubarb with ginger ice cream

Cornish cheeses

2 Mar 2011

Menu Inspiration: Zara and Michael, 30th July 2011

What will Princess Zara and Mike Tindall be eating on their Wedding day?

Whatever they choose it will be one hell of a ball! I confess Zara is my top Royal and I would love to be a guest alongside the cream of international sport and the more fun loving royals. The style of food will be fun, simple and with plenty of carbohydrates - in short the best of British with lots of robust, masculine choices to sate the needs of hungry Rugby players.

Mini bagels of smoked salmon and cream cheese
Potted prawns in melba baskets
Wraps of Norfolk duck with mango and spinach
Slow roasted Isle of Wight tomatoes on ricotta cakes with basil wafers

Asparagus trio: Asparagus tortes, chargrilled asparagus with quail’s eggs and parmesan
beside a shot of asparagus Vichyssoise

Scottish black beef or braised Salt Marsh lamb shanks

Cotswold mess – meringues, strawberries, cream and chocolate shavings

Bacon butties and mini hot dogs

Menu Inspiration: Brain Boost Menu

A menu to help ward off those post lunch yawns at your next conference.

Finger Foods
Wraps of avocado, tomato and mozzarella with olive tapenade
Mini bagels of smoked salmon and cream cheese
Freedom chicken goujons with homemade tomato sauce
Skewers of marinated prawns with chilli salsa
Petite sea trout gallette with sage mayonnaise

Sweet potato salad with spinach, pumpkin seeds and pinenuts
Mixed green salad with seeds and herbs

Fresh fruit skewers of blueberries, pineapple and strawberries
Chocolate walnut brownies (using 80% rich cocoa)

Iced lemon water
Green tea
Espresso shots

1 Mar 2011

Royal Wedding Menu Ideas

How will our two thoroughly modern, very distinctive royal couples approach choosing their wedding menu?

Royal wedding receptions follow a fairly standard design - a large canapé reception followed by a smaller, more private dinner for around 120 guests, finishing with dancing and further merriment in the evening.

It’s worth remembering that whilst the Royal family are required to follow protocol, they always lead (rather than follow) fashion.

When it comes to choosing their food, I think that both couples have the confidence and maturity to make every aspect their own.

Out will go scripted French menus (so last century) and dishes named in honour of the bride and groom (far too egotistical). Instead, there will be utmost emphasis on provenance of the food. Not just lamb but Welsh Salt Marsh lamb, not just raspberries but Scottish organic raspberries; a selfless showcase of the very best British ingredients.

I will write the next two posts on my thoughts on what each couple will go for.

This article was originally published on The Wedding Community.

Brain Food: How to Keep Delegates Awake

Food needs much more thought than just filling the 1-2pm slot.
Every presenter knows that the worst presentation slot is the one straight after lunch. You can guarantee that at 2pm your guests and colleagues are either drifting off into a carb induced slumber or tapping furiously away at their Blackberry in a sugar craze.

And why? Because someone choose the wrong conference lunch.
Your delegates are what they eat and I’m sure that you would rather have a team of lean, mean, energetic machines than a bunch of sluggish doorstop sandwiches.

So how exactly do you feed a group of hungry managers with high expectations?
How do you ensure that you choose something to ensure they are full yet focused, satisfied yet (most importantly) awake?

Here are the 10 things to sneak into the menu:

Water - just 2% dehydration reduces the capacity for work by 20% since most water is gained through your food, make sure your menu is fresh.

Wraps - by choosing wraps you can cut out the sleepy carbs and sugar crash ingredients found in white bread and processed baking.

Vitamin E - not just for beauty but for brains too. These ingredients can help boost memory; nuts, avocados, sweet potato, mayonnaise, olives.

Vitamin K - is the vitamin that helps enhance cognitive function and improves brainpower; broccoli, spinach, lettuce.

Berries - Brain boosting blueberries and strawberries as well as pineapple help to improve short term memory and keep you alert.

Tomatoes - contain powerful antioxidants that help protect braincells. Stay organic to get the best from them.

Green tea - both calming and stimulating, used to help Japanese monks endure marathon meditation sessions.

Espresso - yes coffee is good for your brain as long as it is freshly ground, gently roasted, served strong and dairy-free.

Chocolate - cacao contains theobromine which effects cognitive enhancement and can create a blessed out state - the darker the better!

Oily fish - contains that renowned brain booster omega

Chicken - a good as it contains L-Carnosine, a strong antioxidant