2 Dec 2008

Waitrose Magazine - The Professionals

Five experts come to the aid of the party - yours. It's a big once-a-year occasion and you'll want to get it right.

(I was asked for my opinion for their Christmas season edition magazine, here it is)

When organising a party, think "less is more".
People often try to get clever and complicated - and then can't deliver. Concentrating on quality elements is key. With drinks, don't offer too much choice, but be sure to have something for everybody.

Soft drinks should reflect the alcoholic drinks in every way: colour, look and glass - so it isn't obvious who is not drinking. With mulled wine, make a separate batch by the same method, but with low-alcohol wine, it should taste the same. Find a low-alcohol alternative beer too.To make a soft cocktail, mix Bottlegreen Ginger and Lemongrass cordial with sparkling water and a stick of lemongrass to stir. Schloer also does a lovely sparkling red grape, elderberry and clove drink.