18 Apr 2013

French Menu for a Chic Wedding

A delicious French wedding breakfast menu designed with a Francophile couple an served family style. In their thank you letter (which we've published in full over on the Nonsuch Mansion blog) they describe the moment that their "guests faces lit up when huge terrines of pâté were placed in the middle of each table..."

Once again, food makes the moment and the memories.

Pain de Champagne and baguettes
French butter
Pate de Champagne served with red onion marmalade 
Alsace Onion Tart
Le Mesclum salad
Coq au Vin and Pomme Puree
Assiette du Fromage 
Tarte au citron,
Breton creme fraiche  
Tea and coffee

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For the full text of the thank you letter visit Nonsuch Mansion's blog