1 Jan 2009

2010 Food Manifesto

Only a few days to go until new year, a new decade, a new start? Let me take this opportunity to reflect and write down my thoughts on the new food rules that will govern us in the twenty teens. 

Bring back the beef: The naughties were the decade of duck and guinea fowl, its time to get back to great British basics - the best of what we have and beyond.

Let your supper sing:
It's time to ditch the shots, the skewers, those omnipresent spoons... classic, elegant, white china is the new way. It's time to focus on the content not the vessel.

Mind your manners: Every menu sends a message and the world is moving forward (or back) into fine dining. Serving guests bangers and mash is no longer a witty statement, in the twenty teens it's practically an insult.

Know who to trust: Entertaining less often means getting it right so important. When the stakes are high, don't risk your reputation on anything less than the best - the best people, the best food, the best venue. Find a trusted advisor and use their contacts wisely.