13 Feb 2010

In Season - English Oysters

Fresh oysters from Kent, Essex and Cornwall are considered to be amoungst the world’s finest food. They can be eaten all year round but are at their best outside of the May-August spawning season and, of course, must be as fresh as possible.

“He was a bold man that first ate an oyster” and indeed it is a brave host who chooses to serve them. Not everyone appreciates their bracing taste, but for those looking to impress, to indulge or to make use of their potent aphrodisiac qualities, they are a remarkably flexible additions to your event menu.

- For purists - passed raw from the shell on frozen trays with an offer of lemon or tobassco
To impress - shucked to order from an iced bar and taken with Bloody Mary shot
- As a starter - poached oysters with blood orange jelly
- As a canapé - oyster beignet on a prism skewer with a ginger and chilli dipping sauce
- As a robust main - Oyster, beef and Guinness pie

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