1 Mar 2010

Very Vegetarian

It’s very rare (but not unusual) for me to be asked to cater a whole event for one special diet – although once or twice a year we do find ourselves creating a completely vegetarian menu. More often than not, the host presents us with a range of meat / no meat related menu requirements that need to be met anything from religious considerations and ethical sympathies, to fad trends and phobias (yes food phobias) and everything in-between.

Whilst I am a definite carnivore, my sympathies truly go out to those poor guests destined to spend most of the wedding season eating quiche and roulade because of uncreative, uncaring catering. I always design any special diets around a main menu and find something that looks similar. This level of attention to detail always helps a host to show that they care. For example...

(these example cover all bases and are delicious for all guests)

 Tea marbled quail’s eggs with smoked paprika and herb mayonnaise
Shots of warm white bean cappuccino with lemon oil
Brick pastry parcels of artichoke hearts, parsley and lemon
Broad bean falafel with pecorino and a fresh mint dipping sauce
Bamboo pots deep fried feta with prism skewers

Vegetarian Buffet
(examples from our first 100% vegetarian wedding of 2010)

Chickpea, spinach and coriander Tagine with apricots and dates
Warm cous cous with quinoa, orange and pistachios
Cauliflower and cumin fritters with lime yoghurt
Roasted sweet red peppers filled with Kosheri rice
Roasted winter vegetables with sage and roasted garlic
Jerusalem artichoke and Swiss chard gallette

Vegan Three Course
(remember vegan often means no dairy or fish as well as no meat)

Saturn bowl of fresh asparagus, artichoke hearts, blistered
cherry tomatoes and avocado, with chervil and mustard dressing

Roasted vegetable stack with marinated aubergine, char grilled zucchini,
piquello peppers on grilled radicchio with pine nuts and salsa verde

Muscat marinated fruits with a fresh mango and vanilla bean sorbet

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