13 Aug 2010

Olympic Winner

There are now less than two years before the 2012 Olympics and all eyes are turning to venues in the east. The Queens House in Greenwich is at the heart of the action and forms part of the National Maritime Museum set, which includes the equally impressive Royal Observatory and the Planetarium. The Queens House

Bovingdons have been working at The Queens House in Greenwich for almost a decade now. Events there have alwasy been grand yet elegant, Queen Anne herself held such sumptuous parties there that it was referred to as the "House of Delight". It's looks aside, the main reason we love to recommend is it's location. You are just meters away from the Prime Meridian of the World - every place of Earth is defined from this point. The Thames sweeps past so closely that many guests choose to arrive by boat and the views across Greenwich Royal Park are not just breath-taking but awe-inspiring. Add the fact that you can currently see parts of the blue-bordered Olympic site from the windows, it's a venue to truly get your heart racing.

For more details about events at The Queens House call Bovingdons on 020 8874 8032 or visit http://www.nmm.ac.uk/.
We also love this stop-motion film of a wedding at the Queens House from start to finish - amazing! http://www.nmm.ac.uk/business-and-hire/venue-hire/weddings-and-private-events/

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