13 Jul 2011

London Marquee Wedding Part 1: The Style

This wedding was an absolute delight to cater for. Essential to its success was an incredibly fun, relaxed couple, their lovely (seriously lovely) guests, a fabulous marquee in a London square and a very well behaved Jack Russell.

To get a sense of how wonderful it was, you really should watch this video: (by DreamCatchers) http://vimeo.com/25966691

Let me set the scene: the couple were owners of the most adorable Jack Russell and in his honour, each of the tables was named after a breed of dog (Labrador, Spaniel, Dalmatian) and decorated with a canine topiary master piece – I have never seen anything like it, it shouldn’t have worked but it really did.

The couple wanted a “interactive and fun but still formal” menu so we opted to create stuffed pork loins that could be carved at each table by a specially chosen guest. This was kept a surprise from the “chief carvers” until they found a personalised chefs hat, apron and a knife at their place setting. The couple also wanted an element of tongue-in-cheek (lots of vodka) and to finish with a separate desert for girls and boys: dark and masculine vs light and fruity.

Venue: a Marquee in St Peters Square, London
Photographer: Capture It http://www.captureit.co.uk/
Videographer: Dream Catchers http://www.thedreamcatchers.co.uk/

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