3 Apr 2012

Mondrian Inspired Menu

- smart and stylish, easy to eat, hard to forget
- served with Pink Moet and Chandon, Campari, Martini Rosso, Vodka Martinis
* Poached organic salmon in cucumber cups with lemon mayonnaise
* Ricotta cakes with oven roasted plum tomatoes and basil
* Quails egg Benedict
* Mini Lobster Thermidor

- retro nostalgia meets millennial chic served with perfectly matched Australian wines

Start - ‘Prawn Cocktail’
Main - Beef Wellington with Dauphinoise potatoes and fresh spring vegetables
Desert - Molten Black Forrest Dessert
Finish - Espresso coffees, freshly made tea, tisanes and assorted biscotti

After Dinner Reception
– retro and colourful cocktails mixed and served from the cocktail bar

* Vodka Martini – vodka, vermouth, olives (martini glass)
* Blue Hawaiian – blue curacao, white rum, pineapple juice (hurricane glass)
* Tom Collins – Gin, lemon juice sugar and soda (hi-ball)
* Sloe Gin Fizz – Sloe gin, fresh lemon and soda (blue glasses)

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