12 Sep 2011

Thank you

Dear Julie,
Just to say how absolutely magnificently everything went last night. Maurizio was amazingly supportive to me, and so was everyone else. It was quite clear that each person had been carefully trained, and they all did so much to make the whole evening the success it was. The service was superb, and everyone was full of praise for the food, even one very senior television executive who goes to such things all the time. As someone else with lots of experience of entertainment (ex-head of the Publishers' Association) said to me today, "not only delicious food but stylish as well"... I've been enormously impressed by your grip and attention to detail and willingness to do that bit more ... It's little things like always acknowledging e-mails quickly and giving up time to talk, and coming yourself to check that things would be all right."
All my thanks, Helen

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