29 Nov 2011

Exclusive Director's Event: Part 1: The Brief

Leading events company Glass Page had organised a dynamic three day conference for a group of 100 international executives from a leading financial group.
As well as the main conference (which was being held at Syon Park) the Glass Page team needed to create a memorable evening event for the group. It was vital that it was consistent with the messages and tone-of-voice of the conference and still be fun and entertaining. Nearby Kew Bridge Steam Museum was deemed a perfect fit as a venue with its talking point Victorian architecture and dramatic industrial steam pistons. As caterers to the venue, it was up to Bovingdons to work with Glass Page to ensure their brief was fulfilled.
Glass Page wanted guests to interact within the event, to experience every angle rather than be passive. It was decided guests should join our chef team in the kitchen to plate and serve each other with a course that they helped to create. This meant that they would experience first-hand the creativity and pressure of a kitchen in full flow. This interactive meal would take place after a champagne reception that need to create the right, relaxed yet dynamic atmosphere and was to be followed by evening entertainment and a cocktail bar to ensure that the night ended on a high.  
We love working with event companies like Glass Page. Not only are they consummate professionals but we speak the same language and share a passion for getting things perfect for the client. They were able to tell us exactly what their client wanted to communicate through the food and service. We relished the challenge of making this a reality.

The food and service at this event had to:
   * involve a simple yet impressive menu
   * include a canapĂ© reception menu with varying meat, vegetarian and fish options
   * be seasonal and fresh
   * be suitable for executive level guests from around the world
   * allow for perfect timing, logistics would be key if everyone was to be served a hot meal
   * be absolutely delicious (of course!)

You can see the resulting menu in Exclusive Directors Event: Part 2:The Menu 

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