2 Dec 2011

Exclusive Director's Event: Part 2: The Menu

This is the menu from the city executives event created by Glass Page. You can read more about The Brief in Exclusive Directors Event: Part 1: The Brief.
Passed amoungst guests by Bovingdons during a champagne reception
  * Ricotta cakes with oven roasted plum tomatoes and basil
  * Baby squid calamari with frascati batter served in bamboo pots with bamboo forks
  * Skewers of lemon grass and chilli marinated king prawns
  * Mini quails egg benedict
Guests from Barclays Capital joined our chefs to act as sous chefs and serve dinner to their colleagues and guests. Whilst they were in the kitchen, our sommelier helped other guests with a presentation on the wine chosen for each course.
Team 1: Starter
  * Duck rilette, creamy leeks, gherkin jam and petit salad
Team 2: Main
  * Beef sirloin, goats cheese mash potato, grilled courgette,
    rolled fine French green beans, slow roasted tomato and lavosh crisp
Team 3: Dessert
An assiette of -
  * Sticky toffee pudding, butterscotch sauce
  * Brandy snap basket, vanilla cream
  * Mulled wine jelly shots
Coffee, tea, petit fours and biscotti were served by the Bovingdons team whilst the final team had a lesson at the bar.
Team 4: Cocktails
A selection of classic cocktails made by the team.

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