2 Jul 2012

Wet Weather - fail to plan or plan to fail!

As an event planner you can not choose to ignore the unpredictable British weather. Instead you can choose to accept it, embrace it or even to enjoy it!
Take this Fulham Palace wedding for example. Reception drinks were planned for garden but the forecast was looking heavy so we moved the reception to the Chaplains Garden and booked a transparent, clear span marquee. 
The marquee in the photos below is a transparent clear span. We put it on four meter legs which gave it three foot extra height but ten times the visual impact.
Here are ten of the ways that we ensured their wedding marquee stayed pristine and beautiful:
  1.  took plenty of absorbent door mattes for set up
  2.  ensured all suppliers remove their shoes before entering during set up
  3.  asked set-up staff to have slip on shoes and spare pairs
  4.  offered guests a box of plastic foot covers at the door 
  5.  double-checked (and checked again) the car park for flooding and mud
  6.  hid all lighting in the marquee boarders to ensure the ceiling was free of ugly rigging
  7.  brought spare carpet and changed the mats throughout the night as they get dirty
  8.  provided umbrellas and somewhere for guests to put them 
  9.  positioned site loos as close to marquee as we could
  10.  added sofas and a chill out zone with a full bar so that guests didn't want to leave!
Photos by Olivia Mann http://www.oliviamann.com 

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