2 Mar 2011

Menu Inspiration: Zara and Michael, 30th July 2011

What will Princess Zara and Mike Tindall be eating on their Wedding day?

Whatever they choose it will be one hell of a ball! I confess Zara is my top Royal and I would love to be a guest alongside the cream of international sport and the more fun loving royals. The style of food will be fun, simple and with plenty of carbohydrates - in short the best of British with lots of robust, masculine choices to sate the needs of hungry Rugby players.

Mini bagels of smoked salmon and cream cheese
Potted prawns in melba baskets
Wraps of Norfolk duck with mango and spinach
Slow roasted Isle of Wight tomatoes on ricotta cakes with basil wafers

Asparagus trio: Asparagus tortes, chargrilled asparagus with quail’s eggs and parmesan
beside a shot of asparagus Vichyssoise

Scottish black beef or braised Salt Marsh lamb shanks

Cotswold mess – meringues, strawberries, cream and chocolate shavings

Bacon butties and mini hot dogs

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